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Granite Marble Stone Profile Routers Machine

Model: HTSPR-P

Rated Voltage: 230V/110V
Rated Freguency: 50/60hz
Rated input power: 900W
No-load Speed: 700-3000RPM
Max.Stone Thickness: 30mm
Diamond Grinding Wheel: 90mm
Weight: 5.5KG


1.It's the portable style.

2.This machine is used to perform professional shaping of stone and concrete counter tops.

3.The variable speed design ensure the machine to work perfectly with defferent Diamond Grinding Wheel in different material.

4.The machine has equiped with Water Hose to assist the machine profiling more precise and prevent the working surface from scratching.

5.Another safety feature included is the GFCI(Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). Which will goes off when water enters inside the machine cover to prevent the operator from receiving electric shocks.

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